I'm Talking Like A Robot

Posted by Heather Hurczyn on October 4, 2013

Do you ever find yourself watching the news and question if the news broadcasters are human? Try watching a local news broadcast for 10-15 minutes, switch to another local news station. Don’t they all sound the same? Do you feel any human connection? Me neither.


Now go watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Do you feel something? Now I know, there is a more comedic view on The Daily Show, but Jon Stewart is still delivering the facts to me (more honest and accurate facts, I must say). What Jon Stewart has that the local news broadcasters don’t have is this human quality to him. When I watch The Daily Show, I feel connected and engaged with what Jon Stewart and his team are reporting. It’s only a thirty-minute program and he leaves me wanting to come back and hear more.

Does your marketing make a human connection?
Now think about how you do your marketing. Do you take the time to understand what appeals to your buyer personas and make a connection? Imagine if the local news broadcaster was your typical direct mailer about the services you offer with a couple coupons and then The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was your How To E-book that helped your buyer persona solve a problem they are having. Which one makes you feel more connected? Which one would you share? Would you want more E-books or direct mailers?


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