JetBlue's customer service was so good, I felt compelled to share.

Posted by Michael Hurczyn on November 12, 2014

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I recently was contracted to work a trade show for a former employer in Las Vegas.  The expo ran Wednesday and Thursday, so I flew into Las Vegas from Boston on Tuesday, and was due to take a red-eye back to Logan on Thursday night and arrive Friday around noon.  Traveling for business has some perks, like staying in the Bellagio, and having dinner at Nobu, Old Homestead, and Prime... but it is exhausting.  Long 12-14 hour days on your feet, being switched-on for that whole time, time difference, travel, etc.  It takes a lot out of you.  

JetBlue Customer ServiceHere's the JetBlue part.  My original return flight was supposed to have a 2.5 hour layover in Fort Lauderdale, but there was a direct flight to Logan that left 1.5 hours later at 11:55pm, but arrived at 7:00am.  The fee for the change would total an additional $400.  After some squabbling, they weren't going to lower the fee because they would sell out the flight anyway.  I didn't want to do out of respect of my former boss, but my colleague said to do it.  I was saving the company by not staying an additional night in the hotel, plus, I worked my butt off at the show. So I did it.

After the change, I ended up with a middle seat, and being 6'2" in a middle seat is no fun.  JetBlue, however, offers a nice TV for each passenger with Direct TV and Sirius XM.  I was planning on sleeping the whole time, but I did want to play some music through SiriusXM.  A few minutes after getting settled in my seat, the TV went fuzzy, and then black.  All other TV's around me were working and I got the one that was busted.  I was starting to rethink this $400 swap.  The passenger to my right said tweet at JetBlue and they may give you a credit.  I reminded him it was 11:41pm local time.  I tried anyway:

To my amazement, someone at JetBlue was paying attention to their Twitter feed.  A mere 4 minutes later, I recieved the following tweets:

Since the flight was full, there was no chance of moving seats.  I gathered my confirmation number and started to compose a message back when, suddenly, all the lights on the plane went out.  When they came back on a few moments later, the TV worked again.  Did the customer service rep message the pilot to reboot the plane?   Probably not, but that would have been over the top!

I responded:

To which JetBlue replied:

I have flown JetBlue many times and they have delighted every time!  This is an outstanding example of the use of social media for customer service. Twitter is used more and more by consumers as their voice because it holds companies accountable since it's a public conversation just sitting there for the world to see.  JetBlue's proactive approach is definitely ahead of the curve.



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