How To Get the Most Out of the 2015 CT Business Expo

On June 4th, The Hartford Business Journal will put on the 15th Annual Connecticut Business Expo. Last year, over 4000 attendees representing over 200 industries attended the expo.  It is open to the public, and admission is free, so there aren't many excuses not to attend.  There is a lot of opportunity in attending an event like this, you just need to go in with a plan.  

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Event Recap: Visitors Day at BNI - Building Alliances

I attended a BNI meeting once in 2008, but I had forgotten what BNI was all about.  You can learn about BNI on their website, but the one memory that came back to me, and what I feel makes the group work, is their attendance policy and how it equates to accountability.  Some people seek accountability at BNI, some at Chamber Events, I happened to choose Rick Roberge

I enjoyed the networking opportunity and was able to reconnect with Chloe White, the Chapter VP who I went to CCSU with, and Adam Pavelchak, who I played soccer with at Bristol Eastern High School, both of whom I haven’t seen in over a decade!  This was a far drive to make every Wednesday morning so I may seek out a more local BNI group to join in the future, but only for proximity reasons. This group had a lot of driven professionals!  Here is a list of them along with a recap of the type of business they are seeking: 

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How to Attract Better Job Applicants Through Inbound Marketing

The way people buy has definitely changed, so does that mean the way people look for a job has changed?  I say yes.  Just like almost 60% of the buyer's journey is completed before making a purchase, I would predict that the decision to apply and potentially work for a company is at least the same percentage, if not more.  When I am doing research on prospects and/or companies, I don't just look through the information provided on a website.  I also like to find candid information posted by others about what I am searching for.  That information tends to be more powerful and credible.  It's one thing for a company to say "this is a great place to work", and it is another thing for its employee's to say "this is a great place to work", especially if the statement is unsolicited. 

Inbound is not just for marketing anymore.  Here are some tips on using Inbound methodologies to attract better candidates:   

Attracting the Right Candidates

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