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The team at 710 follows the Growth-Driven Design process when it comes to designing and maintaining a website.  We take a systematic approach toward your website redesign by determining a strategy with real data (not assumptions), select high-level impact items to include in the website launch and continually learn and optimize the website.


Why Choose Growth-Driven Design Over Traditional Website Design? 

Unlike Traditional Website Design, which could take upwards of 3-6 months to launch the website with all the bells and whistles until it's "perfect", we start with the high level impact items based on data and launch the website within 30-45 days.  As you can see in the chart above, typically once a Traditional Website Design is launched it is not updated for another 2+ years. Imagine only having one practice before your season started and not another practice until the following year! How much would that impact your games?  With Growth-Driven Design we are continually optimizing the website to ensure that your website is positively impacting your goals. 


What goes into an Inbound Marketing Plan?

Having a website is just part of the process.  In order to get new leads to your website and ultimately grow your business you need to follow an inbound marketing plan.   We work with our clients to devise a strategy that best suits their buyer persona(s) and their business goals.  Besides the ongoing updates and analysis we do for your website, we also create and implement plans that include the following:



If you aren't getting found, how can you get leads?  Website optimization is a key component to an inbound marketing plans and is something that should constantly be monitored.  A website may already include some good long-tail keywords, but Google and other search engines need a lot more to prove you are an authority on those keywords. From page title optimization to keyword research, it's important to optimize all aspects of your website to get found in search engines. 



Social media opens up another door for you to "Get Found" and share your remarkable content or offer.  But you must have a clear definition of your buyer persona in order to make your social media marketing campaigns a success. We create a balance of sharing your own content as well as sharing other relevant content that your buyer persona's would find engaging.  The key social media tools to be used are twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.  Not every company will use all of these, but with the right combination, you will be able to increase visitors and conversion rates.



Email marketing (not spam) is still one of the highest converting marketing tools your company can use today.  Why does email marketing still work?

  • Email allows you to be highly personal
  • More than 70% of consumers prefer email for marketing communication
  • Over 90% of email users check their email accounts daily

Your contact list could be a gold mine of opportunity if you have the right tools in place.



Blogging for your business has become a critical component to the digital representation of your company, as well as, greatly impacting your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) position.  Blog posts help increase traffic to your website, create repeat visits, establish a relationship with your customers and creates opportunities for your content to be shared.  



You've been found! Now it's time to guide (not push) the qualified visitors down the sales funnel and reward them with an extraordinary offer.  Offers range from a downloadable e-book, webinar, consultation, Free Trial, etc.  An offer that helps fix a pain point of your buyer persona will convert that visitor into a lead. 

What's your next step?

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It's a full-time job, and somebody's got to do it! 

Yes, it's true. If you want to be successful and open a whole new playing field you've got to have someone or a team dedicated to managing your social media presence.  Would you ever practice once a month and expect to win every game? I'd hope not. The same goes for the activity in your social media accounts. In order to be successful you should be prepared to:

  • Share your remarkable content and third party content at the right time and the right place.
  • Consistently share content from images, videos and blog posts throughout all the relevant platforms based on best practices.
  • Be ready to respond to comments, mentions, etc in a timely manner. Don't be caught absent online!
  • Increase your network by researching and following users that match your buyer persona(s).

Do you have someone on your team you can dedicate to these tasks? OR are you looking to extend your team?

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Note: You can't just depend on social media marketing to grow your business. You must be handling the other inbound marketing assets (website updates, blogging, lead generating offers, etc) in order to get the maximum results of social media marketing.

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